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class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base def default_url_options { locale: I18n.locale } end end
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class PeopleController < ActionController::Base # This will raise an ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError exception # because it's using mass assignment without an explicit permit # step. def create Person.create(params[:person]) end # This will pass with flying colors as long as there's a person key # in the parameters, otherwise it'll raise a # ActionController::ParameterMissing exception, which will get # caught by ActionController::Base and turned into a 400 Bad # Request error. def update person = current_account.people.find(params[:id]) person.update!(person_params) redirect_to person end private # Using a private method to encapsulate the permissible parameters # is just a good pattern since you'll be able to reuse the same # permit list between create and update. Also, you can specialize # this method with per-user checking of permissible attributes. def person_params params.require(:person).permit(:name, :age) end end
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class CreateProducts < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0] def change create_table :products do |t| t.string :name t.text :description t.timestamps end end end
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class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base private # Finds the User with the ID stored in the session with the key # :current_user_id This is a common way to handle user login in # a Rails application; logging in sets the session value and # logging out removes it. def current_user @_current_user ||= session[:current_user_id] && User.find_by(id: session[:current_user_id]) end end
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def update @book = Book.find(params[:id]) if @book.update(book_params) redirect_to(@book) else render "edit" end end